Benefits of ProBand® Products

We provide individuals and industries with patented innovated devices which are designed to assist in the prevention and treatment of symptoms commonly associated with Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs) of the forearm, knee and ankle.

Our products work as gentle shock absorbers and assist in reducing the pain associated with RSIs such as Arthritis, Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and other conditions associated with the activities of daily living. They feature original and patented non-constrictive designs.  They are treatments, not tourniquets.

Each and every product was developed and tested by an orthopedic surgeon to address the needs of his patients to help resolve and to improve ailments that compromise each and every one of us during work and play activities.  Each of the unique ProBand® products (BandIT, BandIT XM, KneedIT, KneedIT XM, Ankle BandIT) was developed to address problems that were not being addressed by conventional straps, bands, and braces.  All of our products have been clinically tested and apply principles developed over the course of three decades of observations in an orthopedic clinic.  Unlike traditional braces, our products utilize the physiology of the human anatomy, applying Anatomically Focused Dynamic Compression®.

ProBand® Product Family

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The Benefits of ProBand®
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